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ACQUIRE is Cooper Software’s market-leading mobile datacapture, barcoding and RF system that automates your business transactions. It is fast, reliable and proven across many industries. If you suffer from process inefficiencies or data entry errors, ACQUIRE can help by eliminating manual processes and ensuring accurate datacapture. 

With manual processes there exists the risk of costly data entry issues, double handling of data and lack of control over stock. Not having real-time stock traceability, value and availability can lead to unnecessary costs being incurred. 

ACQUIRE solves these problems by improving business operations and efficiency, delivering competitive advantage and most importantly, saving money. 

With our off the shelf, yet configurable solution, there’s a host of options to suit a range of processes and improve efficiency. ACQUIRE allows you to automate receipt, inspection and picking of goods, as well as all other aspects of warehousing and shop floor operations. 

ACQUIRE users save time due to greatly reduced manual processes  and enjoy increased visibility and tracking of stock. 

Sheffield based surgical blade, scalpel and handle manufacturer Swann-Morton, has chosen to implement the market-leading ACQUIRE™ data capture solution for their warehousing and manufacturing operations.
Developed in-house by Cooper Software, ACQUIRE™ is a mobile data capture, barcoding and RF system which allows for the automation of receipt, inspection, packing and all other aspects of warehousing and shop floor operations. ACQUIRE™ integrates seamlessly with a number of ERP solutions, including IFS.

Babcock Marine needed a way to ensure visibility of equipment at all times across the entire 200+ acre site and, given industry failure rates, more than £30m worth of equipment was at risk if a robust solution wasn’t found. Additionally, an ACA regulatory mandate meant every piece of equipment and component must be tracked at all times, from point of issue to final installation location.

Eminox perform a large number of warehouse and manufacturing operations within their ERP system (IFS) on an everyday basis.

The original process required time consuming bulk updates to IFS during the day, and would often leave operators struggling to accurately separate Work In Progress and Finished Goods.

“ACQUIRE immediately brought benefits to the pick and pack process and we were even more pleased when we could extend this to our international exports. Not only does it benefit our business but it enhances our relationships with our carriers around the world, ultimately improving the end-user experience at customer level.”


“Cooper Software gave us the confidence that their ACQUIRE™ solution was able to handle all of our unique requirements while making our inventory management and tracking processes more streamlined and efficient. Once implemented we were not disappointed and continued to expand the solution to meet our on-going needs, particularly with the mobile development.”


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