Banking Integration

What matters more to your business – reducing risk or saving money? What if you could achieve both?  It’s possible using our Automated Bank Feeds for NetSuite. 

You might be looking to save money by reducing the time and administration associated with manually importing account statements and keying in cash book transactions. What’s more, you might be keen to reduce the level of risk associated with this task, eliminating the need to provide employee access to your bank accounts and having this information go via a desk top or cloud storage facility . 

Automated bank feeds will reduce both the level of risk and administration, speeding up reconciliation which will, in turn,  guarantee more timely business reporting based on receipts and payments. 

Assessing Risk

An individual is responsible for downloading bank statements and uploading them into our ERP system.

They have access to our bank login details.

Bank statements and files go via their desktops or cloud storage

Assessing Risks

When the reconciliation lead is absent it doesn’t get done
There is a second person who has similar access to cover absence
We have segregation of duties between upload and reconciliation
The same person does upload and reconciliation
We have manual processes for avoiding duplicates or missed transactions
I don’t know our processes for avoiding duplicates or missed transactions

Financial Business Case

We currently manually key in cash book transactions
We currently manually import bank feeds
I see the potential for automated bank feeds to reduce administration, and speed up reconciliation leading to improved business information

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