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Cooper Software launches ‘Closer to Customers’ programme

Cooper Software has today launched a ‘Closer to Customers’ programme, which is at the heart of the company’s initiative to develop a greater understanding of the needs of its clients. Embarking on a programme of this nature enables Cooper Software to ensure that future product and service offerings are more closely aligned to customer business objectives.

Simon Ball, who recently joined the company as Solution Lead within the IFS business unit, will spearhead this campaign and is committed to working with customers to understand how their needs can be fulfilled through the development of new operating approaches and the creative use of technology. The programme is centred around a customer feedback exercise to understand the strengths and weaknesses of engagement models, delivery methodologies, available products and to focus on the types of solutions that customers seek. As part of this exercise, Cooper Software are committed to enhancing their product and service offerings, will make the results of this programme available and, will seek to define key improvement actions with customers.

We will start to contact customers in the coming weeks to arrange discussions to begin this process. The programme will run for the remainder of 2018 and forms part of a company-wide initiative to provide leadership in the marketplace by delivering innovative and value-lead solutions for customers in a close partnership of trust.

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