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Cooper Software Making Tax Digital Solution Update

On Wednesday 5th December, we successfully demonstrated our Making Tax Digital solution for IFS to HMRC. We have proven that the solution will meet their requirements and are pleased to announce that it is now recognised by HMRC as an appropriate solution for Making Tax Digital for VAT. Watch this space as we will shortly be added to their list of solution providers – the first IFS Partner to achieve this.

Our solution – TrAX Digital for IFS –  is the only solution for IFS that is fully endorsed by IFS themselves. Prior to showcasing to HMRC, we undertook a series of successful demonstrations to IFS’ finance and development teams.

The solution has been built using our extensive knowledge and understanding of the IFS architecture, which we have gained throughout our 10 plus years developing IFS solutions for our customers. TrAX Digital for IFS is not a stop-gap, it is a fully automated, all encompassing solution. It is not simply an Excel short term fix which will cost more in the long term to manage uploads and effectively take data away from IFS, leading to the management of two data sources.

The solution has been fully tested against all versions of IFS from Applications 7. If you are on an earlier version, please contact us to discuss this further.

Implementing TrAX Digital for IFS and will not only ensure you are compliant for the first wave of changes on April 1st 2019, but will guarantee compliance in 2020 and beyond, at no extra cost.

Key features of TrAX Digital for IFS:

  • Built on native IFS functionality
  • Integrates seamlessly with IFS and will continue do so following any system updates or upgrades
  • Security is at the core guaranteeing a secure, end-to-end digital link from IFS to HMRC
  • Developed for the cloud to ensure:
    • High availability
    • Robust and will flex for any peak demand
    • Able to be regularly updated to keep abreast of HMRC updates and new regulations such as new tax regimes
  • Simple and easy to use and can be accessed anywhere on different devices – it is not restricted to be a client application or spreadsheet based
  • On-going costs are kept to a minimum

Contact us to find out more:

We look forward to sharing more updates as our solution comes through the development stages. In the meantime, if you would like to contact us about TrAX Digital for IFS, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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