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Cooper Software Implement NetSuite to run our business

“After implementing NetSuite at Cooper Software, we decided to become a NetSuite partner to enable our clients to achieve the same kind of significant business benefits we’ve realised with NetSuite.”

Frank Cooper – Managing Director

Cooper Software has a significant advantage as a NetSuite Solution Provider partner. We use NetSuite to run our own business, gaining transformational benefits, hands-on experience and insights that give us an edge in delivering highly optimised NetSuite solutions for midmarket companies in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. 

“Using NetSuite ourselves on a daily basis translates into a huge advantage for Client projects,” said Frank Cooper, Managing Director at Cooper Software. “We’re able to deliver projects faster and take advantage of best practice and how-to tips we’ve learned in using NetSuite to transform our own business.”

Since being founded in 2005, we had used a combination of Xero for accounting, AceProject for Project management and for CRM. As the firm grew, with more than 500 client projects, those siloed systems became too complex, inefficient and cumbersome. After sizing up SAP Business One and other options, we determined that NetSuite could best meet our needs for ERP, CRM and professional services automation (PSA). As noted by Frank Cooper, “NetSuite has transformed our business in a very positive way. Built from the ground up as a cloud solution, NetSuite has consolidated all our core business processes into a single system. That’s been a major benefit in terms of business visibility, operational efficiency and ability to meet and exceed client expectations.”

From NetSuite Customer to Solution Provider

After going live on NetSuite, we joined the NetSuite Solution Provider Program to open our first cloud software practice and address fast-growing demand for cloud computing in the UK and elsewhere. As a NetSuite partner, Cooper Software is expanding beyond our traditional focus on on-premise IFS ERP.

“Once we implemented NetSuite at Cooper Software, we decided to become a NetSuite partner to enable our clients to achieve the same kind of significant business benefits we’ve realised with NetSuite. NetSuite has proven to be a win-win for both us and our clients.” 

Prospective clients in technology, services, manufacturing, distribution, retail, media and other industries are looking to improve efficiencies and drive growth while moving away from the high cost and complexity of on-premise servers and high-priced IT professionals. As a result, cloud ERP is now top priority for many organisations.

“Clients were telling us they wanted a solution that would bring all their information together into a single place that was accessible to their employees wherever they happened to be from a variety of devices. They were also looking to reduce their IT costs. NetSuite fits the bill for them perfectly in this and many other respects. We ourselves have been able to almost entirely remove our dependence on servers and the need for internal IT support.”

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