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About Eminox

Eminox are a privately owned company that design and manufacture bespoke exhaust systems. Eminox’s reputation for engineering excellence, designed and manufactured to the highest standard, has resulted in reducing particulate matter from diesel exhausted through the use of almost 60,000 systems installed on trucks and buses throughout Europe.

Project Background

Eminox perform a large number of warehouse and manufacturing operations within their ERP system (IFS) on an everyday basis. The process was often manual and paper-intensive resulting in potential stock inaccuracies and uncertainties as to the stock stored at the end of the production line and in the packing bay.

The original process required time consuming bulk updates to IFS during the day, and would often leave operators struggling to accurately separate Work In Progress and Finished Goods. Due to these issues, frequent stock counts were required to keep track of the stock on hand, and going between the physical locations and the IFS desktop was required to check the stock on hand. Eminox took the opportunity to engage Cooper Software to try and alleviate these issues by applying the corrective action to have IFS update in real-time at the end of the production line and track inventory moves in the warehouse.

“Cooper Software worked closely with us in identifying our needs and created an effective, easy-to-use solution that allows us to track the moving of inventory items in the warehouse. The solution has not only been time-saving but has allowed us to be more productive and efficient in the way we operate as a business.”

IS Manager, Eminox

Our Solution

Cooper Software, Europe’s largest independent provider of products, consulting and support for IFS users, provided Eminox with their ACQUIRE data capture for IFS solution. The Windows-based mobile data capture system was created quickly using the Cooper Software SDK (Software Development Kit), which seamlessly integrated ACQUIRE into IFS via a Device Application.

The data entry screens were then customised to follow the logical flow of the business process, with a focus on eradicating keying errors by using drop down lists and minimising free text entry by automatically populated fields.

The application was set to correctly make use of Eminox’s current Shop Order warning system and to provide the IFS errors on the screen to avoid the requirement to retroactively correct mistakes.

The core application was seamlessly installed and accessed via custom menus and mobile terminals. The Part Location Enquiry transaction removed the requirement to go between a desktop terminal and the physical inventory locations.


  • 70% total reduction in time taken to perform procedures across all production lines, broken down as:
  1. 40% reduction in time to receive a Shop Order, with additional benefits including the identification of Work in Progress v Finished Goods and Shop Orders received individually, increasing stock accuracy and generating triggers for down-stream processes
  2. 75% reduction in the time to enquiry on a part location in stock
  3. Over 80% reduction in the time to move stock between locations, with the additional benefit of automated un-reserve/re-reserve, resulting in greater stock accuracy
  • Elimination of keying errors – a major time saving.
  • An extremely intuitive UI guides the user through the transaction flow, minimising the training time before using the application.
  • The Cooper Software solution provided seamless integration with IFS screens. Single sign-on with IFS user credentials.
  • Loading screens were included to keep the users informed while background tasks are being performed, freeing up system resources when crunching complex calculations.

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