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EPS Group

About EPS Group

EPS Group is a specialist wet infrastructure support services company operating across the Republic of Ireland, the UK, the Middle East and West Africa.

It is one of the few genuine end-to-end service providers in the global water sector.

Founded upon 46 years of experience, EPS has grown from a modest electrical and pumping services business into an innovative, internationally exporting product and service provider, now focused upon the water, wastewater and clean technology sectors.

The Group provides services to municipal, industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic clients and currently exports to over 25 different countries worldwide.

Project Background

Having recently implemented IFS into their business, EPS Group were looking for ways in which they could further leverage their investment. They were seeking to use technology to improve their current manual processes and increase the visibility of data throughout the business, with the overall aim of improving processes and increasing efficiency across the business.

To support their incoming goods and warehouse operations, EPS were maintaining their IFS data using a batch update scenario. This activity was supported by a significant number of manual data capture processes to track the receipt of purchased goods into inventory and out to fulfil demand, from both customers and internal projects, and to track inventory between storage locations across the site and between different sites within the Company. Due to the labour intensive manual processes, there was a risk of data being mis-recorded and u2018double handledu2019 which could ultimately result in a lack of control over stock.

u201cCooper Software are experienced at making ERP solutions deliver true business benefits. By implementing ACQUIREu2122 we will ensure we are able streamline our inventory management process. We see Cooper Software as a technology partner that can support us with many of the integration and system demands as we look to expand our operations and maximise the value we get from our ERP investment.u201d

IT Manager, EPS Group

Our Solution

To replace EPSu2019 existing manual approach with a more streamlined and automated data capture solution, Cooper Software provided EPS with ACQUIRE, their market leading mobile data capture, barcoding and RF solution for IFS. ACQUIRE has been designed to automate receipt, inspection, picking and all other aspects of warehousing and shop floor operations.

ACQUIRE is an off the shelf solution which can be customised to suit individual business needs. The solution seamlessly integrates with IFS ensuring accurate, up to date information is presented to users and that the information is relayed back to IFS in real time allowing more accurate stock information, movements and order fulfilment rates.

Cooper Software worked with EPS to configure the off-the-shelf transactions around goods receipt, change inventory part location, customer order fulfilment and material requisitions. This provided them with the necessary functions to allow the operators responsible for the management and tracking of inventory and the fulfilment of material demand (from internal or external customers) within the EPS Water warehouses, with a single point of reference for performing the system transactions at the point of execution.

This functionality significantly improves the operator experience by reducing the amount of manual effort and data capture required to complete system updates, preventing them having to return to workstations for information and eliminating the need for paper based processes. This will also eradicate process issues and the time required to correct errors by ensuring data is available at the point of execution.

The solution was implemented using Cooper Softwareu2019s best practice software development methodology governed by PRINCE2 principles. To ensure maximum business buy-in, Cooper Software was frequently on site to review progress, demonstrate solution prototypes and develop the solution specifications.

By implementing ACQUIRE, EPS Group have a solid platform from which they can further utilise barcoding and mobile technology across the business, for example within other warehouse location or sites.


  • A robust user-friendly bar-coding solution that allows operators to perform IFS system transactions using handheld scanners.
  • Integrated seamlessly, and in real-time, with IFS.
  • Automated system transactions to align with business process requirements.
  • Significantly improved the overall efficiency of the processes related to managing and tracking inventory.
  • Provided visibility of accurate and up to date warehouse stock levels, inventory movements and order fulfilment rates.
  • Eliminated paper based processes and batch updating of the IFS system.
  • Reduced the need for additional manual data capture and paper based processes.
  • Support process improvements by providing a platform that can be built upon, extended and scaled according to business and regulatory requirements.

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