IFS Field Service Management

IFS Field Service Management software covers the entire, end-to-end service lifecycle. Recent enhancements and embedded IoT capabilities make it a best-in-class solution that offers the most complete, connected Field Service Management System on the market. It allows organisations to maximise operational efficiency, increase revenue, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

The world of field service is rapidly changing. As our consumption is influenced by faster, more efficient digital platforms, customer expectations surrounding service – including response, convenience and value – are rising. 

The shift towards service-based revenue models (servitisation) demands actively optimising, streamlining and monetising your core operations. The Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and performance based-analytics are already enabling advanced predictive intervention to replace costly reactive service.

Scheduling and empowering field service resources, managing service parts, reverse logistics and administering warranties and SLAs are complex, costly challenges. 

As the industry moves towards outcome-based revenue models, IFS software provides true end-to-end field service management, automating and optimising operations throughout the entire service lifecycle:

Solutions for every service model 

Fully IoT enabled 

Platform for outcome-based service models 

The most complete solution on the market 

IFS Field Service Management users have reported:

10% improvement in asset up time

15% reduction in travel and overtime costs

15-20% improvement in service response.

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