IFS Touch Apps

IFS Touch Apps are a series of smartphone apps for Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS and Microsoft Windows Phone platforms. Using innovative cloud technology, IFS Touch Apps deliver real-time mobile solutions to IFS Applications users, regardless of their location.  

 IFS Touch Apps are designed to offer a seamless, hassle-free user experience for your mobile workforce. Each Touch App focuses on very clear, easy to compete tasks, presenting only the most important information, and incorporates features such as GPS, voice recording and photo capture. The apps are available through the IFS Cloud, making it easy for users to access.  Plus you can be confident that robust security is built in. 

As an IFS Touch Apps partner, we can support IFS Applications customers already using Touch Apps to help you to get the very best out of your investment and support your mobile working strategy.

We also have the authority to use our own development capabilities, alongside our deep knowledge of IFS to develop additional mobile or web platforms for existing IFS Touch Apps. Furthermore, we can extend the functionality of existing apps in the suite or develop entirely new apps specific to the needs of our customers. 

Taking advantage of Touch Apps will ensure your business processes and workflows run faster and smoother since there is less waiting time for people to take action, for example, to authorise a purchase. This especially applies to processes that frequently wait for busy travelling managers to respond.

Productivity will increase as otherwise unproductive time travelling can be use to clear away some administrative tasks. What’s more, managers and employees will be more “plugged in” to the processes that drive the business.

Cooper Software provided Olympus KeyMed with a bespoke mobile service application on the Android operating system using Samsung Galaxy Tablets. The cutting-edge mobile service application provides Olympus KeyMed service engineers in the field with a robust, user-friendly, field service solution that allows engineers to perform IFS system transactions using a tablet device.

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