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About Imerys

World leader in mineral-based specialty solutions for industry, Imerys transforms a unique range of minerals to deliver functions essential to their customers’ needs.

Project Background

Following a recent upgrade of IFS, Imerys had a number of pipelined projects that needed to be delivered.

During this time, staffing changes led to a reduction of two people from the team — a loss of in-depth expert IFS knowledge that had been built up over many years.

This loss of expertise meant there was even more pressure being placed on the support team.

The team were further stretched after a number of acquisitions required additional companies in new locations to be added to the IFS system.

“Having already worked with Cooper Software on a number of IFS projects we were confident that they would be able to support us and that a good relationship across the team would be established quickly. The remote Service Desk has been a real success and has had a tangible impact on improving our support levels. It has also enabled us to push on with other projects by freeing up critical staff.”

IT Business Project Manager, Imerys

Our Solution

Cooper Software’s Service Desk assumed all responsibility for all IFS-related business-as-usual operations, backfilled by the Imerys team. Through a 3-stage take-on process, the smooth transition between internal and remote service desks minimised impact to the business.

During the initial stage (knowledge take-on), a collaborative exercise was embarked upon to create an Imerys/IFS-specific Knowledgebase, developing and establishing the infrastructure integration and communications, and implementing the service review framework along with SLAs and KPIs to ensure the success and value of the service was being monitored.


  • Providing a net saving in staff costs to cope with losing key staff through retirement whilst being able to redirect key staff to more value-add tasks.
  • Supporting the implementation of a new support system locally and integrating seamlessly into our helpdesk software to eliminate manual admin and automate key reports and statistics.
  • Foreign language support analyst provided for international coverage.
  • 1 in 5 calls surveyed to ensure ongoing satisfaction levels. 

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