The Automotive industry is a vast sector encompassing all companies and organisations involved in the design, development and manufacturing, marketing and selling of vehicles.

The industry is one of the world’s most important sectors by revenue, with a turnover of £60 billion per annum. In addition, automotive manufacturing accounts for nearly two thirds of the UK’s turnover for manufacturing each year.

The enormous scale of the industry has resulted in fierce competition and overcapacity with the industry becoming more globalised and consolidated.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Automotive Industry

IFS is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that has long been the solution of choice for the automotive industry. It supports the whole lifecycle of the automotive industry from design integration through demand management, supply chain, full-scale production, sales and service – fully integrated with financials and human resources.

Selecting the right ERP and BI solution for any businesses operating within the automotive industry is essential.

Cooper Software has experience of working with a number of automotive suppliers.


An existing IFS customer, a restructure of the Eminox team had left the company with an IFS knowledge gap. This was having an impact on the ability of their users to understand and solve any IFS related issues.

To address this, Eminox was looking to partner with an IFS specialist who could provide them with IFS service desk support.


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