The industrial sector is vast with numerous industries ranging from Energy and Utilities, Aerospace and Defence to Oil and Gas. As a result, a wide range of businesses, across a number of industry sectors, each one with their own unique software requirements are all searching for the ideal ERP or BI software solution.

Our solution partners IFS & NetSuite both offer bespoke applications enhanced with industry specific capabilities.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for the Industrial Sector

IFS offers agile and adaptable software solutions for demanding industries that require real-time project control, asset integrity management, traceability and agility. A solid integrated application set with special industry extensions, IFS Applications is a comprehensive suite enabled with the right functionality for your specific industry requirements, with the flexibility to expand and re-configure over time.

IFS Applications enables global and demanding businesses to successfully handle four core processes:

  • Service & Asset Management

Full Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and Field Service Management (FSM) capabilities.


  • Manufacturing

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with support for process manufacturing, discrete manufacturing and demanding manufacturing modes.

  • Projects

Project Management is a core component and can be leveraged as Project-driven ERP, Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and more.

  • Supply Chain Management

As a support function for ERP and EAM or as a powerful logistics solution in demanding environments like aerospace and defence.

Selecting the right ERP solution for businesses operating within the Industrial sector is of crucial importance.

Client Story

Cooper Software’s Service Desk assumed all responsibility for all IFS-related business-as-usual operations, backfilled by the Imerys team. Through a 3-stage take-on process, the smooth transition between internal and remote service desks minimised impact to the business.

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