The Oil and Gas Industry underpins nearly all of modern society. From supplying energy to power industry and heat homes, providing fuel for transport and generating the raw materials required to produce many every day products.

Through its extensive supply chain, the industry employs hundreds of thousands of people and makes a major contribution to the UK economy in terms of tax revenues, technologies and exports.

With the sector facing a series of unprecedented concerns, including the current low price of oil, the global rise in demand for crude oil, increased safety measures and a declining work force, the key challenge faced by oil and gas production companies is to capitalise on both profitability and productivity in order to maintain a competitive edge.  As a result, oil and gas companies are now demanding software solutions traditionally reserved for manufacturing, construction, industrial and defence industries.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Oil & Gas Industry

IFS has worked closely with oilfield service companies for over 20 years, ensuring they exceed all of their requirements. More than 400 projects and asset-orientated companies are using IFS Applications for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and more.

IFS Applications is the number one EAM solution to the oil and gas industry, according to ARC Advisory Group, and is the solution of choice for EPCI (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation) contractors, drilling contractors, oil field machinery and offshore service companies globally.

Capitalising on their deep understanding of the industry gained from years of experience, IFS has developed flexible solutions that manage the total contract, project, asset and service lifecycle.

Cloud Enterprise Solutions for Oil & Gas Companies

NetSuite provides companies with a single, web-based solution to integrate their core business processes. NetSuite is incredibly powerful when used by mid-market Oil and Gas operators as it allows companies to use a trusted cloud solution provider to:

  • access data any time, anywhere, with real-time visibility
  • join up islands of information including HR, Finance, Sales, Operations and Inventory by providing single point reporting across all systems
  • dramatically reduce IT costs by eliminating the need for hardware, reducing capex and internal IT support maintenance
  • eliminate onerous spreadsheet-based reporting systems thereby improving employee productivity.
  • easily customise and adapt the system to suit specific business objectives

Selecting the right ERP and business management solution for businesses operating within the Oil and Gas sector is of crucial importance.

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