Integration Platforms

In today’s ever more integrated world, it has become increasingly important to connect up your disparate systems and break down the technological silos that exist within your enterprise, across your supply chain and beyond.

To unify a fractured IT landscape, an Integration Platform is required. When cloud based, these are often known as IPaaS, or Integration Platform as a Service, and they are now well established as the key to an effective digital ecosystem.

With an IPaaS, you can efficiently and accurately connect the dots within your organisation, saving you time and money.

Whatever your requirements and budget, rest assured, Cooper Software have the right solution and the experience necessary to make sure you get the return on your investment!


Our own proprietary platform, TRAX, has been built upon native IFS Connect and supports all the standard Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Business to Business (B2B) protocols your business requires.

With various deployment options supported and now successfully delivering automatic processes all over the globe, our flexible solution allows you to fully integrate IFS with other business areas as well as your customers and suppliers. Cost effective and quick and easy install, TRAX saves you money, delivering rapid ROI.

TRAX caters for many essential business transactions including:
Order Processing
Invoicing and Purchasing
Advanced Shipping Notices 
Freight Carrier Integration
Work Order Management
Payment Records
Shop Floor Machine Integration

When the requirements start to scale in size or complexity, it is sometimes necessary to bring out the big guns!

Our partnership with Dell Boomi allows us to offer the unparalleled functionality of their Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service (EIPaaS) which takes integration to a whole new level.

Recognised for the 7th year running by Gartner Consultants as a leader in their field, Dell Boomi offers a graphical interface (requiring little or no code) and with over two hundred standard connectors (including IFS and Netsuite) we will be able to deliver faster, simpler and more efficient integrations.

And integrations are only your starter for 10, the Boomi Atomsphere platform allows you to create a genuine digital ecosystem which supports all of your user engagement and connectivity requirements and meet the ever tightening requirements to properly catalogue and protect your data.


“The Cooper Software team were invaluable in developing the solution. For something that I’m sure is very technical, they made it very easy for all parties to understand which is a skill in itself! I was impressed in how easily they developed a solution for us, using an off-the shelf product in TRAX along with some clever configuration of our IFS solution.”


Other Cooper Software Apps for IFS

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