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IP Group

IP Group undertake BIR to identify new ERP solution

A Business Information Review of IP Group’s current IT and financial processes to identify a new, best fit ERP solution for the business.

IP Group is a leading intellectual property commercialisation company which focuses on evolving great ideas, mainly from its partner universities, into world-changing businesses.

The Group has pioneered a unique approach to developing these ideas and the resulting businesses by providing access to business building expertise, capital networks (through its 100%-owned FCA-authorised subsidiary IP Capital), recruitment and business support.

IP Group has a strong track record of success and its portfolio comprises holdings in approximately 90 early-stage to mature businesses across four main sectors — Biotech, Cleantech, Healthcare and Technology.

The Company is listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange under the code IPO.

“The concept of a BIR was just what we were looking for. The BIR process helped us to fully understand and document exactly where we were in terms of our financial and operational processes. This information review was then used to create a vision for where we wanted to be as a finance team, and to select the best ERP package to help get us there.

I’ve been very pleased with the contribution of Cooper Software throughout the project. Our consultants thoroughly evaluated our current solutions via workshops with the team and took the time to understand our processes, ensuring that their recommendations were pragmatic and workable. We are confident that the identified NetSuite One World solution will bring multiple benefits to the business and our financial processes.”

Group Financial Controller, IP Group

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