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LTS International

About LTS International Limited

LTS International Limited (LTS) is a consultancy and project management company located near Edinburgh. It supports sustainable development worldwide. The company provides advice in connection with climate change mitigation and adaptation, forestry, water resources, ecosystems, landscapes and institutional governance. LTS has worked in over 100 countries, notably in sub-Saharan Africa, South, Southeast and Central Asia and Europe, in both public and private sectors providing information, insight and ideas across a range of technical disciplines. The company helps to implement change, optimise efficiency and improve effectiveness for many international aid agencies, as well as for governments, private companies, non-governmental organisations, financial research institutions and other consulting firms.

Project Background

LTS sought to implement a new cloud-based ERP system to underpin its Finance, Project Management, HR, and CRM operations. The company was using Sage to support their financial processes and also relied on Excel and numerous Access databases. To simplify and improve their existing IT functionality, LTS wanted to bring these disparate systems into a single enterprise wide solution.

Due to their global nature of their business – the company has subsidiary companies in Kenya and Malawi, as well as representative offices in China and Indonesia – any new ERP solution had to address LTS’s need for a multi-company, multi-currency accounting system and the associated control, reporting and intercompany financial reporting requirements.

Furthermore, LTS needed an ERP solution having a project management system which would support both the bid and live project processes. The company also needed to have a Resource Management function to manage internal and external human resources as well as an employee database to hold all basic employee details and support the skills matrix of staff and up to several hundred sub-contractors.

Cooper Software carried out a Business Information Review (BIR) in conjunction with LTS, in order to align the company’s overall business goals with its IT requirements and develop a systems solution for the business. Following this process, Cooper Software identified NetSuite One World as the optimum solution for LTS.

“We chose Cooper Software because it is a local company with a proven record of implementing NetSuite. The fact that Cooper Software also uses NetSuite, and works in a similar project-focused business, using a lot of the same processes, gave us the confidence that they would effectively use their own experience to create a NetSuite solution that fits the needs of our business, particularly our multi-currently and country finance requirements and project management processes.”

Group Finance Manager, LTS International Limited.

Our Solution

As LTS has subsidiaries in Kenya and Malawi, in addition to offices in China and Indonesia, NetSuite OneWorld effectively met LTS’s multi-company structure and resulting requirement for multi-currency transactions and inter-company accounting. The solution ensured that the business could account for currency, taxation and legal compliance differences while offering unprecedented visibility, worldwide, in real time, ensuring consistent, compliant management across the organisation both locally and globally.

Two additional NetSuite modules were added to further complement the solution, specifically in relation to finance. NetSuite Advanced Financials offered LTS a range of solutions for managing its finances, including budgeting, expense allocations and more flexible billing management tools. NetSuite Advanced Projects provided LTS with integrated project management, project tracking and reporting tools and allow for better resource management.

In relation to LTS’ Project Management requirements, the entire bid to project completion time line is controllable and reportable from within NetSuite. All costs, revenue and resource time is captured within NetSuite, providing LTS with a complete return on investment indicator (ROI) on each bid and tender. This ROI information will allow LTS to focus its Business Development resource on new business opportunities.

In terms of project management, NetSuite allows project templates to be set up to facilitate the creation of new projects and then tasks and internal and external resources can be allocated. Tasks and reminders are then configured to support LTS’s Project Managers with their many active projects. With regards to Sub-contractors, NetSuite allowed LTS to record actual time and tasks allocated to them. This ensured all LTS Project Managers could see potential availability of a Sub-contractor and avoid them contacting a sub-contractor to check their availability when this resource is already allocated to another LTS Contract. NetSuite provided LTS with a comprehensive view of their human resource, both internal and external and including all subcontractors.

Cooper Software also implemented a number of Suite Apps to extend the core functionality of NetSuite, tailoring the solution to fit the individual needs of the business. For example, the NetSuite Electronic Payments facilitated electronic payments to contractors, employees and clients, and mobile employee phone apps which allowed Employees to report expenses via phone.


NetSuite OneWorld provided LTS with:

  • The ability to account for currency, taxation and legal compliance differences between offices.
  • Real-time visibility, worldwide, ensuring consistent, compliant management across the organisation both locally and globally.
  • An easily accessible cloud-based platform for all data, eliminating the need for multiple systems and costly IT hardware and support.
  • Greater visibility and control over projects, and internal and external resource allocation.
  • A solution tailored to the specific needs of their business through the installation of various SuiteApps.

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