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About MWH

MWH are a global wet infrastructure firm, providing technical engineering, construction services and consulting solutions to protect, enhance, store and distribute water. They specialize in all aspects of wet infrastructure including water and wastewater networks; hydropower and renewable energy; ports and waterways; environmental services, and industrial sustainability providing services all over the world.

Project Background

MWH is a multinational organisation with a well-established and stable IFS environment operating in several locations, most notable at MWH treatment in Heywood (UK). They currently have around 700 active IFS licenses and handle over 100-150 support tickets per month.

MWH currently have a global IT Support based in India, dealing with 1st line support tickets for IFS. However they felt that Cooper Software could provide a more flexible and scalable solution for future growth. The process would require business continuity as well as a rapid deployment of services. MWH took the opportunity to engage with Cooper Software to assume all responsibility for all IFS related business-as-usual operations and take control of their 2nd and 3rd lines of IFS support via the Cooper Software Managed Support Service Desk for IFS.

“We are delighted by the impact the Cooper Software service desk has made to our business. The take-on process was fast and the service desk operation has improved service levels to the business while reducing costs.”

Regional IT Director, MWH

Our Solution

Cooper Software assumed all responsibility for IFS-related business-as-usual operations as 2nd and 3rd line of IFS Support. This involved all IFS related end user support tickets that were received by the Global iNet team. The tickets are prioritised and passed to the Cooper Software team for review and completion. This has provided MWH treatment with an efficient, structured and measured support solution.

A three stage take-on process allowed a smooth transition between the internal (MWH) and remote service (Cooper Software) desk, which minimised risk and potential impact on the business during this transition – this method had already been effective across a number of managed service desk implementations. Cooper Software provided 6 dedicated staff including a help desk manager, PMO Coordinator, two IFS Support Consultants and two IFS Application Support Analysts as part of a dedicated support desk team to look after MWH’s operations.

The initial “Design and Knowledge Transfer” stage involved process establishment and knowledge transfer to the Cooper Software team in establishing the service desk and establishing working relationships and communication channels between both companies. This was swiftly followed by Cooper Software’s remote service desk going live with close co-operation with the MWH team. Cooper Software’s service desk now manages all IFS support enquiries (2nd and 3rd line) and operate business-as-usual autonomously, allowing the MWH IFS team to be re-allocated to other key business procedures.


  • Cooper Software’s dedicated and experienced service desk team offer a fully managed service to MWH.
  • Providing a net savings in staff costs, being able to redirect MWH support team to other value-add tasks within the business.
  • Provision of analysis, diagnosis and remediation for incident support tickets with proven, robust service management framework and KPI’s.
  • Toolkit of applications to automate IFS many administrative tasks.
  • Improved resolution and management of Support tickets with IFS.
  • 24/7 support cover options.
  • Reduced risk of downtime due to fully documented knowledge transfer process.


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