Pro-Scope -
An Enhancement Toolkit for NetSuite SRP

Pro-Scope for NetSuite SRP provides enhanced visibility, control and accountability in service delivery. Pro-Scope offers advanced tools and functionality which enhance NetSuite’s standard SRP solution, making managing projects much easier. Developed from our own experience using NetSuite SRP, we have taken advantage of NetSuite’s native customisation tools to augment and enrich some of the existing project data, coupled with smart web applications, to make it available via dashboards and project records.

Pro-Scope for NetSuite SRP gives users the ability to automatically import project plans from Microsoft Project, map Microsoft Project resources to NetSuite resources at the touch of a button, manage activity structure separately to project work breakdown structure across master and sub projects and automatically save project schedules and resource allocations. Users can also take advantage of interactive drag and drop Gantt charts, making it easier to utilise the NetSuite task and schedules. 

Enhances SRP Project Accounting 

Manages project retentions
Extends project profitability
Allows project based overheads, including % of total contract value, fixed fee and labour overheads
Data is viewed directly on project header and instantly visible to project managers
Allows target margins to be set per project/project type
A rule based engine flags any profitability warning

Enhances SRP Resource Management

Effectively track on site/off site and non travel days for team members
View colour coded project and team resource allocations
Plan daily across team and projects, directly allocating tasks
Establish teams separate from HR structure and billing class constraints
Export pixel perfect sheets to Excel to share with clients
Instant pop-ups indicate project task information and notes, providing managers with the detail to make resourcing decisions easily
Edit and manipulate resource allocations straight from the spreadsheets


Enhances SRP Utilisation Reporting

View individual/team/company utilisation straight in your dashboard
Merge historic and actual utilisation into a single view
Track individual team members utilisation targets
Create visual, at a glance, timesheet compliance periods
View trends across time, via your dashboard
Export to Excel at the touch of button for reporting

Enhances Prospect to Cash Lifecycle Visibility

View sales, revenue and invoices in a unified view, via your dashboard
Plan and budget against segments out with the standard department, class and location.

“Pro-Scope for NetSuite SRP has made a huge difference to our project management processes, improving visibility and our ability to track project resources at the click of a button. We were really impressed with the solution, implementation and training Cooper Software offered and a few days later we were up and running. We would happily recommend Cooper Software to any business who requires a project based solution for NetSuite.” 

Estimating & Operations Coordinator, Shape Shopfitters

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