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About Olympus 

Olympus KeyMed is the leading manufacturer of innovative optical and digital equipment for the healthcare and consumer electronics sectors. For over 90 years they have designed endoscopy and microscopy products, medical and industrial equipment, cameras and voice recorders.

Project Background

Olympus KeyMed rolled out additional functionality across their business to further utilise their IFS system.

In order to complement this rollout and to better support their engineers responsible for carrying out field based service and maintenance to medical equipment, a business opportunity existed to provide engineers with a robust, user friendly field service solution that allowed engineers to perform IFS system transactions and access to work order related information using a tablet device, that would allow them to work more effectively and efficiently.

A solution was required to provide Olympus KeyMed engineers with a single point of reference for access to key information, viewing work assigned and capturing updates and work carried out at each site. Furthermore the mobile App would significantly reduce the need for paperwork and prevented duplicate data entry. Due to the requirement to operate in hospitals and medical centres where cellular & Wi-Fi signals are unavailable, the solution needed to seamlessly switch to offline data capture mode and synchronise when the wireless connection became available.

We chose Cooper Software because of their in-depth expertise in both IFS systems integration and mobile developments. Their experience in having previously supplied service maintenance applications for other IFS users gave us confidence that the application delivered was founded on a proven and established platform.

Application Development Support Manager, Olympus

Our Solution

Cooper Software undertook a Business Information Review (BIR) in order to review Olympus’s business goals and assess their IT landscape in order to create a project delivery roadmap.

Following a review of the BIR, Cooper Software provided Olympus KeyMed with a bespoke mobile service application on the Android operating system using Samsung Galaxy Tablets. The cutting-edge mobile service application provides Olympus KeyMed service engineers in the field a robust, user-friendly, field service solution that allows engineers to perform IFS system transactions using a tablet device.

Service engineers are easily provided with:

  • Real-time workload and work order information.
  • Using a time tracker, Engineers are also able to log time spent, record the issuing of parts and tools, have the client sign-off work carried out (on the tablet itself) while on-site, and view work orders assigned to them in order to move on to the next job.

This provides a single point of reference for customers to view, verify and confirm the work carried our during the service visit.

The additional functionality improves the engineer experience by:

  • Reducing the amount of manual effort required to complete system updates.
  • Minimizes duplication or erroneous data entry, prevents having to return to workstations or revert to head office for information and eliminates the need for paper-based processes.

As much of the activity takes place in medical facilities where cellular and Wi-Fi connections are unavailable, the solution seamlessly switches to offline data capture mode and smoothly handles the complex process of
synchronising with IFS when a wireless connection is made available. The app makes full use of modern touch-based UX design principles, optimising the user experience and making it more enjoyable than using traditional business software.


  • Service engineers in the field have real-time workload and work order information.
  • Engineers can log time spent using a time tracker, record issuing of parts and sign off work – all while on site.
  • ‘On the go’ decision making and shortening time to capture and document admin data.
  • Full use of touch-based UX design principles, enhancing the user experience.
  • Integrates seamlessly, both offline and in real-time with IFS, eliminating manual effort and significantly reducing administration time.
  • Significantly improves the accuracy and timely availability of data within IFS.
  • Allows the tracking of parts used and parts requested to be completed easily.

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