Scottish Sea Farms

Scottish Sea Farms

About Scottish Sea Farms

Scottish Sea Farms is one of Scotland’s largest seafood producers. The company has over 40 years of experience in the farming of superior quality Scottish salmon, working to the highest industry standards. Based in Stirling and South Shian, Argyll, the company has farms all over Scotland, from the Shetland and Orkney Islands to in and around Oban and the Highlands. Scottish Sea Farms export to 25 different world markets including Europe, USA and Asia.

Project Background

Operating in a highly regulated industry worth £1.8 billion, Scottish Sea Farms must always have readily available and reportable data across a number of business areas including, finance, quality management, production, product safety and traceability and health and safety. Having robust systems and solutions in place for storing and analysing data is essential. The company was striving for better data visualisation and wanted to be able to use the data they held to gain deeper insights to understand how they could take effective action by way of making improvements to processes.

“QlikView made it quicker and easier to access and view information relating to all areas of our business. We can now easily report on these and have the ability to use this data to make necessary recommendations for improvements. As a QlikView Partner, Cooper Software proved invaluable at recommending the best solution for the needs of our business.”

Head of IT at Scottish Sea Farms

Our Solution

Scottish Sea Farms turned to Cooper Software in their capacity as a Qlik Partner to supply QlikView, a business discovery solution that empowers users to uncover data trends and make discoveries that drive decision making. QlikView allows Scottish Sea Farm users to create powerful, highly visual dashboards and up-to-the-minute personalised reports from multiple data sources across disparate systems. As a result, users have the freedom to search and explore their data in a flexible way and are not limited to pre-defined drilldown paths. Due to the highly interactive and graphical nature of QlikView, Scottish Sea Farms could easily view, understand and draw conclusions from their data, resulting in more informed decision making.


QlikView offered Scottish Sea Farms the ability to:

  • Consolidate relevant health and safety related data from multiple sources into a single application.
  • Explore the associations in their data.
  • Enable social decision making through secure, real-time collaboration.
  • Search across all data — directly and indirectly.
  • Interact with dynamic apps, dashboards and analytics.
  • Access, analyse and capture data from mobile devices, including Apple, Android and BlackBerry

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