Functional Consulting

What is the role of the Functional Consultant?

Cooper’s Functional Consultants are experts in systems and processes.  They come from a variety of backgrounds, including finance & accounting, supply chain and IT.  The Functional Consultants focus on requirements gathering, analysis, design, configuration, UAT and support.  Crucially, the role of the ERP Functional Consultant is to determine the strength and weakness of the ERP product and to improvise the business process, instead of customizing the ERP system. Where a work-around is required (for example re-using an existing system), Cooper’s Functional Consultants draw on the Cooper R&D team and the Cooper Software Suite to deliver extra mile functionality.


Why do Cooper Consultants stand out from the crowd?

Cooper’s success is built on that of our customers and ROI is our mission. With a reputation for ‘making it work’ and the UK’s largest full-time ERP team, Cooper Software is the go-to company for a successful ERP implementation. Indeed, we are the go-to company to save failing ERP implementations – although our preference is to be with you from the start to ensure you avoid that kind of stress. Below are some of the benefits of engaging Cooper Software’s consulting services:

Work with an experienced and trusted Business Partner. Each member of our dynamic functional consulting team has a minimum 5 years’ experience. Our team combines more than 125 years’ experience across all modules and versions of IFS (including IFS Applications 8™ and IFS Application 9™) and NetSuite.

Consistent, high quality functional support and project delivery. Cooper Software has established a set of repeatable processes, guaranteeing projects are delivered reliably, on time and on budget. This methodology is based on best practice techniques encompassing the PRINCE2 and ITIL frameworks. The service our consulting team delivers is backed up by our supporting systems, driving high quality and enhancing consistency across our team.

“Cooper Software were on hand every step of the way, offering in-depth guidance and recommendations that led to the overall success of a large-scale task.” 

IT Services Manager, Synergy Health

Access to the Cooper Software IFS Knowledgebase and IFS Workbench™. For IFS projects, our consultants draw on our unique online IFS Knowledgebase, which is our library of IFS-centric information sources (tips and tricks, user guides, helpdesk tickets) and offers the widest knowledge-sharing possible to resolve any IFS query. Our team also has access to our IFS Workbench™, a suite of specifically developed utilities that has been created to automate manual, repetitive IFS administrative and technical tasks. Coupling these capabilities together, and adding assistance from the largest dedicated IFS technical support team in the UK, our consultants are able to dramatically reduce the time it takes to deliver projects whilst ensuring the overall solution is delivered to your satisfaction.


Guaranteed resource for the duration of your project. Cooper used full-time dedicated staff, rather than contractors. As our success is built on your success, our team is fully committed to deliver you a successful solution.

No “brain drain”.  Knowledge is retained and all works fully documented and available via our Service Desk. We ensure all supporting project information is captured consistently, and at the correct stage throughout the process.Through our IFS Knowledgebase, project deliverables are accessible to the entire Cooper Software team, and available to the end customer at all times.This drives transparency across the project team and ensures knowledge isn’t lost upon project completion.

Ability to support small or large-scale projects, part-time or full-time, as well as flexible arrangements. The size of our team and the cross-functional knowledge that we have means we offer complete flexibility when it comes to the size of projects we are able to undertake. We are also able to offer a range of engagements models, including:

  • Augmentation – we assign a permanent resource to a customer’s project team.
  • Call-off – we agree with the customer a set number of days that are used to deliver ad-hoc tasks and activities on a prioritised basis.
  • Emergency – our customers can gain rapid access to a consultant via our Service Desk.
  • Project – a consultant or team of consultants focused on delivering to a defined business objective.

Availability at short lead times. We have a flexible, pooled approach to consulting, which means our team can deliver in a more agile way than traditionally structured consulting organisations. Our consultants are located throughout the UK, allowing us the flexibility of being able to be on-site as required

minimum 5 years ifs experience
all modules covered
all ifs versions covered

Client Story – Synergy health

Synergy Health was undertaking a large-scale implementation of IFS at multiple sites in various geographical locations and required an internal helpdesk to be set up to support this task. There was also a backlog of tickets in the legacy helpdesk system that needed to be closed off before any progress could be made.

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