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Expert Technical Consulting

Cooper Software’s technical consultants will help you to understand the infrastructure your ERP software requires in order to function according to your business needs.

Data Migration

Simplified data migration

We have the experience and know how to assist in large-scale data migration jobs to ensure all of your instances are in line. Our specialist consultants follow industry best practice to ensure the accuracy and consistency of your data.
Our consultants also leverage our own product, ARMS™, to expedite and improve data migration jobs, reducing the time – and cost – taken to distribute essential data across multiple environments by automating many manual tasks. ARMS™ Artefact Management System is a Data Migration Application that enables users to transfer pockets of information between different instances, or even versions of your software.

ARMS™ manages the copying of information between database instances and different software versions, aligns different content more easily, brings more structure to the process of updating multiple IFS environments and gives enhanced visibility of IFS changes due to an audit trail of all changes made.

Oracle DBA

Secure the foundations of your database

We provide Oracle Database Administration to maintain and enhance your Oracle infrastructure. Through our preferred third-party partner network, we offer a complete end-to-end solution, with remote, round the clock support.
Our consultants help maintain all databases required for development, testing, education and production usage, tuning database instances to your requirements. We assist with new installs, planning and implementing backups, and recovery of Oracle databases.

Standards are put in place to ensure that all application design and code is produced with proper integrity, security and performance. Through our Service Desk we provide technical support and troubleshooting for application development teams, and assist with impact analysis of any changes made to the database objects.

Report Writing

The data you need

ERP systems provide a host of pre-written reports, but many users require unique, custom written reports to get to the data they want. Report writing is a critical step in implementation, as information is the ultimate goal of ERP.

IFS Utilities

The right tools for the job

Cooper Software offers an IFS Workbench application suite to support our customer projects, developments and support services. The IFS Workbench is focused on delivering IFS projects on-time and at a reduced cost, by simplifying and automating manually intensive technical tasks.

The IFS Workbench™ includes tools and utilities with the following features:

1. Extend and configure IFS functionality (RSDS.Net™)

RSDS.Net is a software application for IFS which automatically creates Microsoft.Net applications that plug seamlessly into the IFS core system. Benefits:

  • Re-use of the IFS security model, user access is controlled via the IFS Admin module, which saves development time
  • Automatic processing of manually intensive transactions into a single click, making applications easier to use
  • Map IFS flow to local business processes
  • Plug gaps in key management information, with the ability to add extra data fields not held in the core IFS system
  • Enforce local data standards and eliminate data entry errors

2. Data cleansing and migration (ARMS™)

ARMS™ simplifies the process of importing and exporting IFS data. By utilising the IFS data migration framework, ARMS™ is able to leverage the secure and error free transfer of data into the IFS database. Whilst providing users with a simple, easy to use and intuitive front end. The features below save users a significant amount of time, whilst bringing rigour to data migration projects.


  • Automatic creation of IFS data migration jobs (export, import and source migration)
  • Process multiple IFS data migration jobs in one go
  • Transfer pools of data (Artefacts) from one IFS instance to another, automatically. Helping keep IFS base-data synchronized
  • Identify and set migration job parameters, to target specific data-sets for transfer
  • Export/Import to Excel and XML, facilitating data cleansing and transfer to 3rd party systems, not just IFS
  • Full audit trail and version tracking of IFS data transfers between databases

3. Integration of 3rd party systems into IFS (RSDS.Net™)

Embedded within RSDS.Net is an IFS data connector which utilises and reuses the open architecture of IFS. This connector provides a secure gateway enabling 3rd party applications to plug into IFS seamlessly, securely and in real time.


  • Integrate customer and supplier systems into IFS – automating data processing and enabling EDI and B2B transaction processing
  • Connect 3rd party systems to facilitate a “best of breed” system strategy
  • Integrate IFS into cloud based applications , seamlessly and securely
  • Deliver consolidated reporting, across multiple systems and platforms

4. IFS Schema Mapping, Data Modeling and Report Writing (RSDS.Net™)

At the click of a button RSDS.Net™ automatically draws a diagram showing how all of the data views in IFS are linked. Using the underlying IFS meta-data, the relationships between views and API’s are displayed and can be navigated between – which is extreme y useful when creating IFS reports or IAL’s (IFS reporting views). As with all Cooper Software applications, this utility works with any version of IFS regardless of its modification status.

5. IFS Database Compare (RSDS.Net™)

RSDS.Net™ has the ability to interrogate any IFSAPP schema. We have added a utility which collects this information, mapping out every API function, procedure, call and also every data view or table down to an individual field level . Building on this capability, separate versions of IFS can be mapped so that a delta can be created highlighting the differences between the two versions. This can then be put to good use during the upgrade process by providing a detailed level of differences in the IFS database schemas. This is ideal when migrating report s and system interfaces or to support the release management process.

6. Segregation Of Duties – Security Manager

Our Segregation of Duties toolkit for IFS uses a template approach to complete the analysis of User and Functional roles. This simplifies and expedites the time it takes to complete these projects. Once analysis is complete and the appropriate security model has been designed, our first utility simply and quickly builds the necessary permissions against users. Once correct, the second utility can then in-one-click migrate these permissions across multiple IFS environments. The final step in the process is to deliver the security model, such as Sarbannes-Oxley, and the reporting to ensure the governance around how permissions and User roles are maintained going forward is both correct and easily maintained.

7. Job Despatch – Message Queues

Job Despatch is a script that is used to update job despatch statuses. Removing the need to update tables directly, the Job Despatch utility uses built-in IFS API calls to set the values correctly, and allows for bulk updates to scheduled database tasks. Master Schedule Loader This utility uses a spreadsheet of forecast data for a specific part and imports it into Master Scheduling in IFS. This allows for continual modification and re-import capabilities.

8. Data Manager

The Data Manager provides a facility to allow users to execute IFS data migration jobs in a controlled and user-friendly environment. Users can make potentially complex changes to data without the need for any technical knowledge and in a safe and controlled manner. The DM is capable of handling large amounts of data without any issue, and includes the ability to export the data to a spread sheet for user-friendly viewing of the data; and also features an audit log.

Client Story -Kaefer

To support the continued business growth of the company, KAEFER C&D were looking undertake a large scale ERP implementation of IFS in place of their previous legacy systems.


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Data Migration with the Cooper Software SDK™


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