TRAX – Electronic Data Interchange

TRAX is Cooper Software’s flexible Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution that allows you to fully integrate your ERP systems with those of your customers or suppliers. 

In an increasingly automated world, TRAX solves the problem of manually dealing with business transactions to ensure that you are fully connected with your customers and suppliers, helping to you to easily conform to international electronic communications standards.  

Specifically designed for IFS and fully integrated through native connectivity and APIs, TRAX offers reusable transactions and message plug-ins for easy and accelerated creation of new EDI message processes. TRAX caters for all essential business transactions including:

Order Processing

Invoicing and Purchasing

Freight Billing

Order Status Updates

Payment Records

Transferring Funds

Plus unlimited scope for future customisation

TRAX is delivered through three key components, allowing for a simple and repeatable end-user experience. 

Trax is delivered through 3 key components:

Trax Console and Data Integration Engine
Provides administrative overview and configuration of mechanism
Extensible Plug-In Library
E.g. transforming CSV to XML or fixed length delimited files to XML
Extends IFS Connect

Cost effective and quick and easy install, TRAX saves you time and money, delivering rapid ROI. The more transactions that are carried out using EDI, the greater the ROI becomes, so with unlimited transactions leading to error free messaging, the overall saving from switching to TRAX are substantial


“The Cooper Software team were invaluable in developing the solution. For something that I’m sure is very technical, they made it very easy for all parties to understand which is a skill in itself! I was impressed in how easily they developed a solution for us, using an off-the shelf product in TRAX along with some clever configuration of our IFS solution.”


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