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Vita Cellular Foams

About Vita Cellular Foams

Vita Cellular Foams, develops and manufactures flexible polyurethane foams for many varied applications, focusing on two key markets. Comfort applications such as furniture and bedding and technical applications such as automotive, aviation and industrial markets. Operating across Europe and with a presence in the US and China, Vita Cellular Foams’ products are available throughout the world.

Project Background

Vita Cellular Foams were setting up a new and standalone manufacturing facility in China to support their expanding Chinese Customer base.

They required a multi-language, multi-currency financial and manufacturing solution that could be accessed and supported from their headquarters in the UK.

They also required a solution that could fully support their supply chain needs as well as the sales and distribution of finished product to their local customers.

“When Cooper Software introduced us to NetSuite and demonstrated the solution, we quickly realised that it could successfully meet the multi-language and multi-currency needs of our new manufacturing facility, while still being accessible and highly visible from the UK. This, coupled with Cooper Software’s experience and expertise in delivering similar NetSuite implementation projects, gives us confidence that the solution will successfully integrate with our business.”

Head of IT, Vita Cellular Foams

Our Solution

Cooper Software proposed NetSuite OneWorld as the perfect fit for the new Chinese manufacturing facility. An ideal solution for light manufacturing companies, NetSuite OneWorld could fully support the company’s supply chain needs – pulling raw material from suppliers in the UK and Europe and providing a mechanism that would allow them to report the conversion of this material into finished product.

The solution was also able to uphold the local sales and distribution of these finished products to their customers. In addition, NetSuite OneWorld offered a fully functioning Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable facility, a complete finance solution, ensuring that the new plant in China could report back to the UK head office, in real time, guaranteeing consistent, compliant management across the organisation both locally and globally.

Cooper Software further developed and tailored the NetSuite OneWorld solution, through the addition of NetSuite’s Work Orders and Assembly Management modules. These modules have been specifically developed to provide key capabilities for light manufacturing companies such as Vita Cellular Foams.

NetSuite’s assembly management module allowed Vita Cellular Foams to more effectively manage component quantities and multi-level assemblies. NetSuite’s work order capabilities meanwhile, gave the company the ability to readily manage the build process for production work orders, providing them with the capacity to replenish standing inventory levels of finished goods. The module also gave the company the opportunity to manage special-order work orders, built to exact specifications for a particular customer or particular order.

In the future, it is possible that Vita Cellular Foams will look to implement the same NetSuite OneWorld solution in their existing manufacturing plants within Eastern Europe.


NetSuite OneWorld provided Vita Cellular Foams with:

  • The ability to fully support their supply chain needs that pull raw material from suppliers in the UK and Europe.
  • A mechanism to report the conversion of the raw material into finished items.
  • A solution that could fully support the local sales and distribution of their products to their customers.
  • A fully functioning Account Receivable and Accounts Payable solution.
  • A complete finance solution to ensure that the new plant in China could report back to the head office in the UK in real time.

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